Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Alexander and Mateo sentence starter

The moment I woke up. I discovered to my shock  and horror that i was the size of a small mouse ! Today was going to be a very interesting day indeed!

Once In a lifetime a discovered that I was the size of a mouse. Every single human looked exactly like a elephant.  Once I saw a CAT I ran as fast as I could I ran through and into a little gap so I don’t get squash. As I search through the hole I saw a piece of cheese I was worried that it might of been a trap.

Then I went up to the cheese as I said to myself should I go or shouldn’t I not. Then I  thought to myself I should go to the  cheese as I took  the  cheese I felt overloaded and full with energy. As I took a second bite I grew taller and taller and taller.

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  1. GREAT story Alex! your writing has come leaps and bounds since I last saw you. Very very proud!

    -Joshua I


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