Monday, March 18, 2013

Alex and the rusty house (By Auri and Alex)

Alex and Auri rode their bikes home after training. They had decided to go the other way back home. Suddenly as they turned the corner they spotted an old spooky derelict house. Alex said,  ‘‘Yuk house. I’m going home now. ” But Auri told Alex to stay and not to go home. “Lets try and go inside,” said Auri.

When Auri and Alex walked up onto the steps one of the floorboards  had broken off. “Whew” said Alex as he quickly jumped over the hole. “That was lucky.”
They slowly opened the rusty old door and went into the spooky derelict house. Inside it was dark and dusty. All they could see were shadows and shapes. They saw a hole in the corner of the floor and inside was black. Next to the hole was a bucket of water. “Pooo,” Auri said “That bucket smells like old fish.

So Auri and Alex went to go up stairs to see if there is an chest. when they got up stairs
Alex was scared because rat was running past him. he run at the back of Auri. Then Auri saw a bedroom door. So they went to open the door Alex was scared.They went to look inside. inside was a chest sitting on the floor.
Then they got their bike and  went back home to tell their Mum and Dad that they sow a rusty old house and went in it .There Mum told them to go for a shower.

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  1. Hey Alex

    Sounds like a creepy place to go exploring, I don't know if I'd go in. Be careful with moving down lines it makes it look like you're starting a new paragraph when you only meant to finish the scentence.

    awesome piece of writing :)

    Cheers, Mr. Hutchings


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