Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alexander and Niuma IF I HAD SUPER POWERS

                                  What if I had a superpower?

Once upon a time there was a boy call Megamind and he saw a little rock on the floor. It was shining in his face and it looked like a baby blue colour. I walked over to pick it up and it changed me into a big Megamind hulk. I felt very strong, fast, powerful and I could fly very fast like a speeding rocket.

As I was flying I saw a big gangs blowing up the town then I zoomed straight down and punched the ground with one hit and everything was flying like a rock around in the road. Then the gangs look at Big Megamind Hulk and then the gangs started shooting him. Big Megamind Hulk was bulletproof and he start walking towards them so all the gangs start running away from him. Then Big Megamind Hulk ran fast to catch them,they all went to jail then the police say thank you for helping us and saving our town It ok.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Once upon a time, there are two little boys called Khi Khi and Tau who are brothers.  Khi Khi is 15 years old, while Tau is 8 years old. They were both brought up in a mysterious forest nowhere to be found. They are both stranded on this island looking for a way to get back to their parents, having no idea how they got here. Here is a long and big rock around a circle.


One bad rainy day at PT ENGLAND SCHOOL Silly Billy was stomping in the puddles. Suddenly he heard a crash in room 20. It was actually Stocky Rocky knocking over the chairs.  Silly Billy went to look around. He saw a boy call Poop walking and Silly Billy said to him,“Did you hear that noise?I think it`was a Earthquake we have to go tell Mr Burt.

Off they went. On the way they met Slow joe. “Did you hear that noise?I think it`was a Earthquake we have to go tell Mr Burt.
Off they went again someone is waiting at the fence for them to come to him so he can take them into the wrong way. His name is Bad chad he want to steal their net books.

Rock Climber/Success Alexander,Mateo,Niuma,

As I  fearlessly climbed  up the towering  mountain I felt sweat dripping down my hot boiling face. My course up the mountain was a treacherous challenge for me. As I  heaved up and over the  last rock of the mountain I was terrified. As I said to myself “I will fight and reach to my success “.

William Feather’s  message for us is to reach to be successful and never give up.Other people let themselves down by not trying their best. He’s trying  to tell us that we should  give it our all .