Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sentence Starter

The moment I woke up. I discovered to my shock  and horror that i was the size of a small mouse ! Today was going to be a very interesting day indeed!

Once In a lifetime a discovered that I was the size of a mouse. Every single human looked exactly like a elephant.  Once I saw a CAT I ran as fast as I could I ran through and into a little gap so I don’t get squash. As I search through the hole I saw a piece of cheese I was worried that it might of been a trap.

Then I went up to the cheese as I said to myself should I go or shouldn’t I not. Then I  thought to myself I should go to the  cheese as i took  the  cheese I felt overloaded and full with energy. As I took a second bite i grew taller and taller.

Friday, June 21, 2013


This was very fun week doing a movie about Michael Jackson.  My group Had lots of fun with smiles on their faces as we finished our movie.

The most interesting part of our movie is having fun with our friends and making up funny stuff. It was totally worth it.

That things that we did not enjoy is talking too much and not getting stuff finished. The other thing that we don’t like is when MELVIN mock’s around

The thing that we enjoyed doing is filming with others and having fun. On the plus side we enjoyed watching ourselves.

The stuffed we learned about is Co-operating with each others. The other thing we learnt is to try and get stuff finished on time.

The thing we're going to do better is to not play around. The other thing is to try and Cooperate well

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Alexander SSW

Once upon a time, there are two little boys called Khi Khi and Tau who are brothers.  Khi Khi is 15 years old, while Tau is 8 years old. They were both brought up in a mysterious forest nowhere to be found. They are both stranded on this island looking for a way to get back to their parents, having no idea how they got here. Here is a long and big rock around a curcle.