Monday, April 15, 2013

Alex Term Reflection

Hi my name is Alex

Part. One
The highlights for this term is being training hard to be in the rugby team. I have been enjoying p.e everyday. I have been proud of my maths and writing and performing for fiafia. Practising in the Samoan group for Fiafia is what I have really loved.

Part. Two
What I have not enjoying is reading because there are too many words.

Part. Three
I think I have worked well with others in a group. I can share my ideas, and I don’t muck around. We have been getting our group work finished, like our 3P’s movie and our XFactor movie.

Part. Four
Next term my goal is to listen and to get my maths and my reading activities finished.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sample Writing

The day had begun like a stormy night, as two kids named Logan and Tau. They were always against each other like a war was being fought between them. But now they are very scared. They were both in the sitting room corner in a little ball.