Friday, September 28, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there lived a girl called little red riding hood she was walking to her grandmother’s house to give her some cake. As she was walking she met a wolf, The wolf said ‘’where are you going little girl?’ Little red riding hood said ‘’i'm going to my grandmother’s house she lives up in the hills and I have to walk up there to give her some cake that my mother made’’ then she walked away.
When she was walking the wolf quickly took the shortcut to little red riding hood grandmother’s house after he reached the house he quickly threw a bomb in the house and waited for little red riding hood to come. When little red riding hood reached the house the wolf was getting hungry and then he remembered that little red riding hood had cake in her basket so he went inside the house. When little red riding hood came in to the house she saw the wolf and then she said what are you doing here? the wolf said that he wanted to stop by and see how her grandmother’s doing. While he was talking he forgot about the bomb and then it exploded and then they all died.
Luckliy Little Red Riding Hood had super hearing and heard the bomb ticking. She quickly jumped out and lived happily ever after.

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